Holocaust Education

Holocaust Education

The Gizella Abramson Holocaust Education Act was passed in 2021 as part of the North Carolina State Budget. The act calls the education of the Holocaust essential, defines antisemitism, states as fact the murder of six million Jews, homosexuals, socialists, and others, and condemns Holocaust denial.  

Moreover, it sets a guideline to develop a public classroom curriculum that teaches about the Holocaust. This Monument will be used by teachers throughout the state of North Carolina as a vital tool to develop that curriculum and will lead to a deeper personal understanding of the Holocaust and its effects on the millions of women and children of the Shoah. The Monument also will play a vital role in fulfilling the mandates of the Never Again Education Act—passed by Congress to require Holocaust education throughout the country. 

Our Curriculum

Below you can find the curriculum plan developed by Victoria Carlin and Laurie Schaefer and approved by the NC Council on the Holocaust and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

Click each slide below to download the PDF with clickable links, or click here to download the full 11-page plan.

Lesson 1: Spiritual Resistance

This lesson is meant to help students understand the historical and cultural backgrounds of Leipaja, Lativa and the Einsatzgruppen killing action that took place there.

Lesson 2: Forgetting is Dangerous

This lesson introduces students to the importance of Holocaust monuments and memorials and how artists design them to honor not only the memory of those who suffered, but also to communicate the lessons humanity should learn and apply to our world today.

Lesson 3: Witnessing Defiance

If you are close enough to Greensboro, NC to visit the memorial, this lesson will provide information about how to organize a field trip to take students to visit the memorial in Lebauer Park and the International Civil Rights Museum.

Lesson 4: Past in the Present

This final lesson in the series, students will create their own memorial using a photograph from the Holocaust as their inspiration.

Complete Curriculum

Download the complete 11-page curriculum here.


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