Join us to honor the women and children of the Liepaja massacre.

Arm in Arm

Women standing arm-in-arm in memory of the Liepāja massacre.

In Latvia on Monday, Dec. 15, 1941, thousands of Jewish women, and children were taken to the women’s prison in Liepāja. From there, in the freezing cold, they were marched to a nearby beach called Skede, forced to strip to their underclothes, taken to the edge of a trench and shot dead in groups of 10. Many of the victims were photographed in their final moments by a Nazi photographer. One such photograph serves as the basis for the Women of the Shoah – Jewish Placemaking monument “She Wouldn’t Take Off Her Boots”.

Monument maquette

Macquet of what will be in Bronze: North Carolina’s first Women’s Holocaust Monument, “She Wouldn’t Take Off Her Boots”.

She Wouldn't Take Off Her Boots

How we honor them

Join us by standing Arm In Arm like the women and children of Liepāja in their last act. Be a witness to exactly the opposite of what the Nazi photographer was documenting.

What to consider:

Who would you like to be? What do you see?

  • The youngest, with her head bent in terror clutching her fists
  • The older woman in the center with her boots looking straight at us in defiance
  • The teenager on the end fixing her hair

In this act we will honor and remember the lives of these women and child who were killed JUST because they were Jewish and make a statement against Antisemitism, Racism and all Genocide.

Please contact us for an appointment to be photographed by the artist.

Leipaja massacre photo
Arm in Arm
Arm in Arm
Arm in Arm 3
Holocaust Education Series

This is part 3 of the Holocaust Education Webinar Series presented by the Greensboro History Museum.