State of North Carolina


Advocates of Justice


Rochelle Weiner

$50,000 – $99,999

Armfield Foundation
The Manning Kaplan Family
The Millican and Massand Family
The Milstein Family

Witnesses to Memory


Nancy Margulies Brenner and Frank Brenner
Linda and Tom Sloan


$10,000 – $24,999

Rose and Victor Ackermann
Sylvia and Mike Berkelhammer
Joseph D. Brady
Cemala Foundation
Debra and Jeffrey Cohen
Irene and Irv Cohen
Jo and David Delman
Dr. Sherry Dickstein and Dr. Kurt Lauenstein
Gail and Gene LeBauer
Joan and Sam LeBauer
Sylvia and Norman Samet
Anita and Alfred Schnog Family Foundation
Eileen and Steve Wishnia

Boots of Resistance

$5,000 – $9,999

Joe LeBauer and Susan Ansin
Leonard Clein
Nancy Clein Lemann
Larry, Deirdre, Jake, and Dylan Cohen

Scott Cohen
Benjamin Cone, Jr.
Rene and Tom Cone
Greensboro Jewish Federation
Greater Washington Community Foundation

Emily and Rodney Kranz
Carole B. Krusch
Liz Sherman
Sue and Gary Simmons
Katherine Weaver

Bearing Witness Circle

$2,500 – $4,999

Ellen and Gary Fischer
Kevin Gray

Guardians of Shoah Memory

$1,000 – $2,499

Caren and Larry Appel
Neil Belenky
Marilyn and Robert Chandler
Beverly and Rev. Odell Cleveland
Sam Cone
Linda E. Fleishman
Joel Freedman
Marsha and Jon Glazman

Dori and Bill Goebel
Pearl and Mayo Friedlis
Jenny and Brian Kaiser
Sue Klau
Marissa and Brooks Lanier
Simone and Joel Liebling
LPL Financial
Sue and Neil Lutins
Aprile and Neal Marchesano
Meadows For Congress
Debby and Ken Miller
Susan and Freddy Robinson
Corky Segal and Freddie Waxman
Linda and Jerry Shapiro
Phyllis Shavitz
Jane Siebert
Eileen Silver
Julie Weiner
Erica and Martin Weissburg

Honored Witnesses

Under $1,000

Elaine Abrams
Heather Brook Adams
April and Clifton Alberti
Gail and Steven Alberti
Liz Alberti
Michael Altheimer
Helene Bargebuhr
Julie Bean
Marvin Beckerman
Peggy and Nat Bernstein
Shiran and Eyal Carlin
Sidney and Adam Carlin
Carolyn Chappell and Dr. Lawrence Czarda
Dina and Michael Daines
Janice and Mike Daines
Downtown Greensboro, Incorporated
Adam Freedman
Paula Freedman

Susan and Dr. David Gutterman
Jon Hardister
Jon Hardister for NC House
Dianne Hines
Dana Holliday
Anita Hyman and Dr. Mark Hyman
Kathryn C. Johnson
Denny Kelly
Deborah Kintzing and Marc Samet
Audrey Krakovitz
Linda Lawrence
Pat Levitin
Margaret Lobree
Amanda and Michael Loflin
Leslie Mackler and Dr. Steve Mackler
Annie and Alex Milstein
Lynda M. Moss
North Carolina Council on the Holocaust
Dr. Sarah Schwartz and Dr. Jeff Palis
Drs. Deborah Schoenhoff and Gerald Plovsky

Drs. Deborah Schoenhoff and Gerald Plovsky
Hester Petty
Madeline F. Pope
Rachel Pront
Susan and Mark Reinman
Michael Ross
Ellen and Lenny Samet
Joan Samet
Carol Schemo
Brent Simmons
Kelsey Simmons
Victoria L. Simmons
Mitchel Sommers
Paulette and Jeffrey Stafford
Joyce and Bob Shuman
Tammi Thurm
Marianne Wason
Dina and Etan Wiesen
Samuel Zimmern

Other Support

Brooks Pierce | Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro | Jewish Foundation of Greensboro

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Letters of Support

We have tremendous community support from state, federal and community leadership.

NC Council on the Holocaust

Michael Abramson

I believe the Holocaust Monument, “She Wouldn’t Take Off Her Boots” is critical to further racial and ethnic understanding in North Carolina. I feel the monument will prompt North Carolinians to study the impact of bigotry and intolerance on society similar to the Woolworth’s lunch counter at the International Civil Rights Center & Museum.

The Holocaust occurred because good people did not take action against hate. This monument will prompt individuals to consider how their behavior affects others and will motivate individuals to work together with the goal to eliminate the negative misconceptions we have of each other…

The monument will serve as a focal point where individuals and classes can initiate frank and honest dialogue about pluralism, tolerance and acceptance. A key lesson of the Holocaust is that hate will thrive when ignorance and indifference exist in a community.


International Civil Rights Center & Museum

John L. Swaine, CEO

…Greensboro has a widely respected reputation as a place with a long history of social justice activities on behalf of recognizing the dignity of every human being. It is the most fitting place that I can imagine for expanding the civil and human rights dialog that might be focused on such a powerful monument. The opportunity for a prominent placement of the sensitively conceived sculpture adds to the potentially enlightening character of internationally recognized conversations, enriched with reminders of Greensboro’s lesson to the rest of the world and its status as a “Civil Rights City.”


517 S Elm St.
Greensboro, NC 27406