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GREENSBORO, N.C. —The city of Greensboro unveiled a new memorial to honor the victims of genocide Tuesday at Lebauer Park.

The statue titled “She wouldn’t take off her boots” is based on a photo of a Jewish woman who refused to take off her boots before Nazis killed her, organizers said.

Organizers said it also honors woman survivors in the Triad.

Victoria Milstein, a Greensboro resident, helped lead the project as the artist behind the Shoah Holocaust Monument.

Organizers said the holocaust must be remembered so that it is never repeated.

“When we look at those photos, Miriam, the one who inspired me as she held those women and looked them straight in the eyes,” Milstein said. “I don’t know if she ever took off her boots, to me she sure shows resilience, but together we need to put our socks on.”

In honor of the Holocaust victims’ memory, participants were asked to say their names in remembrance of them: Emma, Maya, Naomi, Miriam, Rosa, Fruma and Sara. This act was to commemorate all the women and children who were victims of genocide.

The memorial now stands next to Greensboro’s Civil Rights Museum, at the city’s Lebauer Park.

The Women of Shoah non-profit, funded the project, in total, raising $725,000 as of Tuesday.